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FEMA IS 2905: Coordinating Health and Social Services Recovery Answers

1. What transition documentation component is meant to assist local service providers in surmounting developing challenges?



2. Which of the following establishment types is NOT regulated by the FDA and, as such, is not one of the primary types of establishment that the Food Safety and Regulated Medical Products mission area provides technical assistance to?


3. What document formally identifies the resources the Federal HSS RSF will make available to support affected jurisdiction recovery efforts via state and tribal authorities?


4. Which form of information is NOT a primary source for identifying health and social services gaps, needs, and challenges during the assessment process?



5. Based on the social determinants of health, which RSF does the HSS RSF rely on to ensure that health facilities can resume operations?


6. Which of the following does NOT support the top priorities of the HSS RSF?



7. A major storm has damaged the majority of schools in a state and has caused thousands of families to evacuate. Which HSS Core Mission Area is responsible for assisting in re-establishment of the school system?


8. Federal Primary Agencies lead the other RSF member agencies by coordinating all of the following, EXCEPT:



9. What are the Social Determinants of Health?


10. Post-disaster impact assessments compare essential elements of information regarding disaster damage and disruptions against the community’s….


11. The Natural and Cultural Resources RSF would most likely coordinate closely with agencies involved in which HSS RSF Mission Area?


12. When a state requests HSS RSF support via the Federal Coordinating Officer and the Recovery Coordination Officer after a disaster occurs, what must guide the provision of federal resources to affected jurisdictions?


13. The Department of the Interior is NOT assigned as a primary or supporting agency to which of the following mission areas?



14. Federal recovery assistance can most expediently be delivered to affected localities when:



15. When should participants in disaster recovery begin planning for execution of transition activities and tasks?


16. In the scenario, the HSS RSF supported identification of disaster impact and recovery needs by conducting all of the following, EXCEPT:


17. When should the evaluation metrics for a course of action be developed?


18. In the scenario, the HSS RSF provided technical assistance and support to what two activities during the Operations phase?


19. Which of the following agencies normally support the Public Health mission area?


20. In order to be useful, Essential Elements of Information (EEIs) must be: