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FEMA IS-331: Introduction to Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Exercise Evaluation Course Overview

Course Overview

This course introduces the student to the basic concepts and terminology of the offsite emergency preparedness program for commercial nuclear power plants. It provides an introduction to the program’s exercise evaluation regulations, philosophy, and methodology.

Course Objectives:

The pre-exercise, exercise, and post-exercise role and responsibilities of the evaluator are covered in depth. The majority of the course is devoted to the six evaluation areas:

  • Emergency Operations Management
  • Protective Action Decision-making
  • Protective Action Implementation
  • Field Measurement and Analysis
  • Emergency Notification and Public Information
  • Support Operations/Facilities

Primary Audience

This web-based independent study course is primarily for Federal agency and contract staff who will serve as offsite evaluators for REP exercises Limited numbers of State, local, and volunteer agency staff who are participants in REP exercises may also be interested in taking the course. This independent study course is a prerequisite for the 3-day invitation only classroom-based REP Exercise Evaluation course.





Course Length:

10 hours