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FEMA IS-394.A: Protecting Your Home or Small Business From Disaster Answers

1. An example of a structural measure to protect against damage is to:


2. Installing backflow valves is a measure used for which item below?


3. The most common type of disaster in the United States is:


4. One hazard that can be predicted days in advance is a:


5. Sources of local government information about hazards affecting your area include:


6. To protect windows from wind damage, which measure is recommended?


7. To prevent water from entering your home, what protective measure should you install if you have a floor drain?


8. Earthquakes occur most frequently:


9. An example of a fire-resistant roofing material is:


10. The most common type of wildfire is a surface fire, which generally is started by:



11. The cripple wall can be protected in an earthquake with the following measure.


12. Hazards reviewed in detail in the course include:


13. The ___________ should be secured with sheet metal straps and angle bracing to protect against an earthquake.


14. To reduce earthquake damage in homes with a perimeter foundation, you should make sure this is securely bolted to the foundation.


15. A nonstructural measure to avoid earthquake damage is:


16. To ensure a garage door is strong enough to resist hurricane-force winds, this measure would be required.


17. Which protective measure is used for propane and heating oil tanks to protect against flooding?


18. What should you do with your washer and dryer to protect them from flooding?


19. What structures would be protected against wind damage by securing them with sliding bolts?


20. A nonstructural measure you can take before a hurricane is predicted to hit your area is:


21. Install hurricane straps to this structure to protect your home or small business from high winds.


22. To find the projected flood level for your home or place of business, you should consult:


23. Retrofitting measures to protect against water damage include:


24. Structures that are especially susceptible to wind damage are:


25. A measure that can be used to create a safety zone around a home or business to protect against wildfire is: