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FEMA IS-395: FEMA Risk Assessment Database Answers

1. Starting from the Master Database Main Menu, how do you import an assessment into the Master Database?


2. The first photo uploaded to the Assessment Tool is automatically set as the default image displayed each time the assessment is accessed.


3. On the Rapid Visual Screening Data Collection screens, what is the function of the Comments check box?


4. Which of the following user accounts is NOT preloaded in the database?


5. Which of the following is NOT an acceptable user password?


6. On the Rapid Visual Screening Data Collection screens, what is the function of the “?” button?


7. As a best practice, an organization should _____________________________.


8. When you empty the database, it deletes ______________________.


9. When customizing the Critical Infrastructure defaults, you can delete labels but you cannot add additional labels to the existing defaults.


10. On the Rapid Visual Screening Data Collection screens, a red flag generates a mandatory comment field to support the assessor’s decision.


11. What function is selected to erase a single assessment in the database, permanently?


12. When you need to upload photos, GIS images or miscellaneous files, how many files can you upload at one time?


13. In order to change the permission level of a user, you must open the Assessment Tool in Master Database Mode and ______________________________.


14. At the end of the assessment, which function will the assessment team leader use in the Assessment Tool operating mode to combine the team’s checklist, vulnerability and recommendation entries into one record?


15. Which of the following is NOT a minimum system requirement to install the database?


16. When deleting an assessment record, the files and folders under that assessment are not deleted unless you select the Yes button to delete them.


17. The order of your user customized list within the risk matrices can be changed except for:


18. The Master Database mode of the database provides the organization the ability to search for vulnerabilities common to many assessed facilities.


19. Changes to the report handling markings can only be made by those logged on with administrator permission.


20. The Vulnerability Assessment Checklist function gives the Project Manager or an assessor the ability to view _________________ answers for individual checklist questions.


21. Which of the following is NOT a file type that the database will recognize for the “Photos” and “GIS Portfolio” folders?


22. In the Other Reports Menu, the Administrator/Manager can search the Vulnerabilities and Recommendations/Remediations form, but he/she is limited to the assessment currently being viewed.


23. What are the proper steps to open the Assessment Tool?


24. One way you can get vulnerabilities and recommendations / remediations into the fields on the Vulnerabilities tab is to by clicking the “”Vuln?”” box on a site checklist Tab.


25. On the Rapid Visual Screening Data Collection screens, what is the function of the Red Flag check box?