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FEMA IS-546.A: Continuity of Operations Awareness Course Answers

  1. The legal authority for continuity of operations planning is found in: A. NSPD-51/HSPD-20
  2. Congressional action
  3. FCD 1
  4. Agency policy
  5. Provisions for the assumption of senior agency offices during an emergency in the event that any of those officials are unavailable to execute their legal duties are: A. Continuity of Government (COG)
  6. Orders of Succession
  7. Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)
  8. Delegations of Authority
  9. Issues raised following an exercise and their recommended resolutions are documented in the: A. Tests, training, and exercises plan
  10. After-action report
  11. Corrective action plan
  12. Revised continuity plan
  13. Directions and guidance for continuity planning are found in: A. The National Response Framework (NRF)
  14. Homeland Security Presidential Directive-51/National Security Presidential Directive-20 (HSPD-51/NSPD-20)
  15. The National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  16. The Federal Continuity Directive 1
  17. ____________ are forums for developing and sharing continuity information within and among organizations. A. Interagency CAG
  18. Disaster Recovery Group
  19. Continuity POC
  20. Continuity Working Groups (CWGs)
  21. A vehicle for identifying requirements and assigning responsibilities to resolve deficiencies and weaknesses in the continuity plan A. A concept document
  22. Word of mouth
  23. Continuity personnel
  24. A Corrective Action Program (CAP)
  25. ________________ is a four-step process that involves: Plans and Procedures; Tests, Training, and Exercises; Evaluations, After-Action Reports and Lessons Learned; Development of Corrective Action Plans. A. Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  26. Continuity of Government (COG)
  27. Continuity Program Management Cycle
  28. National Response Framework (NRF)
  29. Continuity planning prepares agencies and personnel for: A. Functioning without their appointed department or agency leaders
  30. The possibility of relocating to continuity facilities within 12 hours of activation
  31. Optional operations in the event of a catastrophic incident
  32. A Presidential declaration of a major disaster and subsequent Federal assistance
  33. All employees will be anxious during a continuity situation. What can your agency do to alleviate employee concerns? A. Schedule stress management classes for all employees throughout continuity operations
  34. Establish a communications system to keep all employees informed
  35. Reassure the employees by e-mail that the agency has everything under control
  36. Tell all employees to relax and that HR will notify them when they should return to work
  37. One of the key benefits of corrective action planning is that it: A. Meets the requirements of FCD-1
  38. Provides documentation for grant funding
  39. Encourages open dialog to identify program weaknesses
  40. Is part of the Multi-Year Strategy and Program Management Plan
  41. The agency that coordinates continuity activities for all Federal executive branch agencies. A. FEMA
  42. GSA
  43. CAG
  44. FEB
  45. The agency responsible for maintaining a database of all operational continuity facilities is: A. FEMA
  46. GSA
  47. CAG
  48. FEB
  49. A primary source for identifying requirements for corrective action is: A. A concept document
  50. Word of mouth
  51. Continuity personnel
  52. An after-action report
  53. Continuity planning is a requirement for: A. All branches of the Federal Government
  54. The branches of government that are most at risk of an incident
  55. Federal Executive-Branch departments and agencies
  56. Departments and agencies at all levels of government
  57. A gas main has exploded outside your building and has caused major damage to your agency’s office space. After evacuating the building and accounting for all agency personnel, what is the first step to be taken? A. Notify the Federal Operations Center
  58. Activate the agency’s continuity plan
  59. Notify the National Operations Center
  60. Check with the personnel agency to see if telework locations are available