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FEMA IS-634: Introduction to FEMA’s Public Assistance Program Answers

                     The Public Assistance Program is authorized through: A. The Stafford Act.

Executive Orders.

The State EOP.

National Environmental Policy Act.

To closeout a large project, ______________ is responsible for certifying that all work has been completed in accordance with FEMA standards and policies. A. The grantee

The Regional Administrator

The local jurisdiction


It is acceptable to submit multiple facilities with a reasonable relationship as one project to meet the $1,000 minimum threshold for eligibility. A. True


Project validation applies to: A. Small projects submitted by applicant.

All projects.

Combined facility projects.

Large projects.

Reasonable and necessary are criteria for Public Assistance __________ eligibility. A. Facility




The grantee is responsible for administering and disbursing Public Assistance funds to applicants. A. True


Project Worksheets for small projects are due 60 days after: A. Applicants’ briefing.

Disaster declaration date.

Kickoff meeting.

Preliminary disaster assessment.

The Federal cost share of Public Assistance funding is no less than: A. 25 percent.

50 percent.

75 percent.

100 percent.

Special Considerations are issues other than PA Program eligibility that could affect the funding of a project. A. True


The Preliminary Damage Assessment verifies damage and provides an estimate of the supplemental assistance needed. A. True


Eligible applicants for the Public Assistance Program are State agencies, local, and tribal governments, and: A. FEMA regional staff.


Certain Private Nonprofit Organizations.

Small Business Owners.

A contract must be approved by FEMA before it can be submitted as an eligible cost on a Project Worksheet. A. True


One purpose of the kickoff meeting is to: A. Make eligibility determinations

Address specific project formulation for an applicant

Determine the size of the disaster area

Verify completed work

Permanent restoration work should be completed within ______ months of the disaster declaration date. A. 6




Project documentation is the responsibility of the: A. PA Specialist.


State Applicant Liaison.


Application for disaster assistance is submitted on the: A. Case Management form.

Project Worksheet form.

Preliminary Damage Assessment form.

Request for Public Assistance form.

The Public Assistance Program process is activated through: A. Request from PAC Crewleader.

Request of local jurisdiction.

Media coverage.

Presidential Declaration.

A Time and Materials contract may be allowed for: A. Permanent restoration work.

Small purchase procedures.

Emergency work limited to 70 hours.

Competitive proposals.

The applicants’ briefing is conducted by: A. Grantee.

FEMA staff.


Local Emergency Manager.

Statutory exclusions from compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act are allowed for emergency actions and restoration of facilities to pre-disaster conditions. A. True