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FEMA IS-650.A: Building Partnerships with Tribal Governments Course Overview

Course Overview

IS-650.a – Building Partnerships with Tribal Governments provides an understanding, appreciation, and respect for tribal cultures so that effective relationships can be formed and evolve.

This course has been updated to align with the National Incident Management System and National Response Framework.

Course Objectives:

This interactive computer-based course is designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge to:

  • Build effective partnerships with tribal governments.
  • Work in concert with tribal governments to protect native people and property against all types of hazards.

Throughout this course tribal representatives speak about their history, their culture, their way of life, and how to develop good relationships with tribal communities.

Several lessons are devoted to specific program challenges that individuals may encounter in working with tribal governments to provide financial and technical assistance through disaster programs.





Course Length:

10 hours