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FEMA IS-662: Improving Preparedness and Resilience through Public-Private Partnerships Answers

1. In a public-private partnership, it is NOT essential for:


2. How can a public-private partnership improve the emergency management system?


3. Which of the following should NOT be a responsibility of a private sector representative in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC)?


4. The Union County Public-Private Partnership is dedicated to hurricane preparedness, response, and recovery. What should the Union County Public-Private Partnership NOT include in its resource-sharing plan?


5. Which of the following is a best practice in resource management and sharing in a public-private partnership?


6. Resource request procedures should ________.


7. Which of the following statements about improper dissemination of information is true?


8. When discussing the value of a partnership with partners, you should ask likely partners if:



9. In a large metropolitan city, several management companiesof large high-rises in the downtown area partnered with the local emergency management agency. The partnership’s goal is to create a comprehensive evacuation and emergency response plan for the downtown area, which requires the management companies to share sensitive floor and building plans. How should the companies share this information?


10. Which of the following statements about emergency communications is true?


11. The Northwest Emergency Alliance is a public-private partnership between tribal nations, local and state emergency managers, and private businesses. The goal of the partnership is to help local communities recover from natural disasters. Recently, after a devastating flood, there was some miscommunication between partners and resources promised during the establishment of the partnership were not deployed appropriately. What steps should the Northwest Emergency Alliance take to strengthen its partnership?



12. Potential public-private partnership resources could:



13. Which of the following activities is NOT a best practice in strengthening partnership collaboration?


14. According to what you learned in this course, which of the following is a sign that a public-private partnership might be introuble?



15. As outlined in this course, which of the following is NOT a step in establishing a public-private partnership?



16. Which statement best explains why it is important to reevaluate the value proposition?