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FEMA IS-772: IA PDA Orientation Answers

Which of the following are the typical members of a Joint IA PDA Team? A. State Team Member

Local Team Member

SBA Team Member

FEMA IA PDA Specialist

All of the above

The IA PDA Process includes all of the following steps except: A. Pre-Briefing

Field Assessment

Initial Disaster Declaration


The 44 CFR governs emergency management activities to ensure uniform application in carrying out the intent of the Stafford Act A. TRUE


Historically, what is the typical manner for recording Damage Assessment information during an IA PDA? A. Digital tablets

Pencil and note pads

Paper forms

Tape recorder

Post briefing activities include all of the following except: A. Compare assessment damage recorded and obtain mutual agreement with core team members

Obtain additional information that will help describe the overall impact on the community

Report findings to local stakeholders

Call the local newspaper and give them a statement

The Pre-Brief contains all of the following elements except: A. Event background

Safety concerns

Local access routes

Review Mutual Aid Assistance

Successful damage assessments can be conducted over the phone? A. TRUE


Guiding the Joint IA PDA Team through affected areas is the responsibility of which team member? A. FEMA IA PDA Specialist

Local Team Member


County Tax Assessor

The SBA team member is responsible for collecting information regarding all of the following except: A. Degree of damage

Emergency Response

Number of damaged homes

Number and type of damaged businesses

Economic impact to the small business community

The primary focus of the IA PDA field assessment is to record damage information for which of the following structures: A. Primary Residences

All residential structures

Commercial structures

Public Roads and Bridges

All of the above

It is the responsibility of the FEMA IA PDA Specialist to determine in which geographic areas the IA PDA Team should be collecting damage information. A. TRUE


Which of the following is not a traditional method of conducting a damage assessment? A. Windshield Survey

Reverse Call-Out



The President must make a Disaster Declaration before an IA PDA can begin. A. TRUE


The Stafford Act is the law that defines the overall assistance that the Federal government can provide in response to a major disaster A. TRUE


Information collected during an IA PDA is used for all of the following purposes except: A. Determining the degree of damage caused by an event

Provide a basis for recommendation for declaration.

Keep news and media informed

Develop initial estimates for IA program staff and resources that may be needed

The PDA team can gather additional information regarding the incident’s impact on the community from: A. Briefings with local officials

Members of the IA PDA Team

Residents encountered during the IA PDA

Voluntary organizations

All of the above