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FEMA IS 803: Emergency Support Function (ESF) #3 – Public Works and Engineering Answers

1. Which agency serves as the ESF #3 coordinator?
A. U.S. Department of the Interior
B. Small Business Administration
C. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
D. DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection

2. Emergency Support Function (ESF) #3 – Public Works and Engineering is primarily focused on protecting critical infrastructure and key resources against a potential terrorist attack.
A. True
B. False

3. ESF #3 may take preincident actions such as inspecting flood control works in order to reduce or prevent damage.
A. True
B. False

4. Which agency supports ESF #3 by providing monitoring and decontamination for radiological emergencies?
A. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
B. U.S. Department of Defense
C. U.S. Department of Energy
D. Environmental Protection Agency

5. The U.S. Department of the Interior provides ESF #3 engineering support for structural assessments and to help evaluate damage to water control systems, such as dams and levees.
A. True
B. False

6. Select the project that may be eligible for a Public Assistance Grant.
A. Following a tropical storm that resulted in a disaster declaration, a county government is seeking funding to repair the county library roof.
B. A town government is asking for funding to repair a historic museum that was damaged in a minor flood. The storm was not part of a declared disaster.
C. Roads within a private homeowners’ association were damaged by a strong earthquake. The association is seeking assistance to pay for repairing the roads.
D. Tornadoes have left a path of devastation resulting in a disaster declaration. Uninsured homeowners are seeking assistance to pay for rebuilding their residences.

7. The Deployable Tactical Operating System (DTOS):
A. Allows for the activation of specialized teams to provide emergency protective measures before, during, and after a disaster.
B. Includes strategically located, state-of-the-art, mobile command, control, and communications units.
C. Is a software system used for tracking the status of commodities deployed to the incident scene.
D. Trains and credentials personnel who can be deployable to an incident within 6 hours of notice of alert.

8. Which agency supports ESF #3 through its Public Assistance Grant Program?
A. Small Business Administration
B. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
C. U.S. Department of Commerce
D. Federal Emergency Management Agency

9. Which of the following activities is NOT coordinated by ESF #3?
A. Transporting residents from the site of an incident
B. Restoring wastewater systems
C. Providing potable water
D. Clearing access routes at the site of an incident

10. The 249th Engineer Battalion is a Corps asset that provides advice and technical assistance in all aspects of electrical power and distribution systems.
A. True
B. False