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FEMA IS-820: Introduction to NRF Support Annexes Answers

According to the Public Affairs Support Annex, who has primary responsibility for communicating health and safety instructions to the public? A. State, tribal, and local authorities

Department of Homeland Security

Print and broadcast news media

The White House

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD): A. Provides oversight of volunteers by assigning a member to serves as a Group Supervisor within the Operations Section of the Joint Field Office.

Establishes training requirements and issues credentials to individuals who want to serve as disaster volunteers.

Coordinates nonprofit organizations for the management of unaffiliated volunteers and unsolicited donations.

Determines how voluntary resources and donations will be distributed to disaster survivors.

According to the Tribal Relations Support Annex, which Cooperating Agency provides consults with tribal officials to provide for environmental health? A. Bureau of Indian Affairs

Environmental Protection Agency

Department of Agriculture

Indian Health Service

Within the Public Affairs Support Annex, what is the name of the structure provides a supporting mechanism to develop, coordinate, and deliver messages? A. Media Coordination Center

Joint Information Center

Communications Coordination Center

Public Information Center

According to the Private-Sector Coordination Support Annex, which agency is responsible for informing and orienting the private sector on the contents of the National Response Framework? A. Office of Personnel Management

Small Business Administration

Department of Homeland Security

Office of Management and Budget

TRUE or FALSE: As authorized by tribal government, the tribal liaison can either request Federal assistance under the Stafford Act through the Governor of the State or elect to deal directly with the Federal Government. A. True


TRUE or FALSE: The Worker Safety and Health Support Annex describes the mechanisms in place to ensure responder safety and health during a response, not before or after an incident occurs. A. True


Actions taken under the International Coordination Support Annex may include all of the following EXCEPT for: A. Providing military-to-military support to a domestic response coordinated through the Department of Defense.

Facilitating the movement of equipment, goods, and personnel into the United States under mutual aid and assistance agreements between private-sector industries and foreign corporations.

Advising American citizens and businesses abroad of a situation in the United States and any effect that the incident might have on their safety.

Verifying the origin of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive event that may constitute a violation of international laws, agreements, and treaties.

Which Support Annex would you refer to review the policies, roles and responsibilities, and the concept of operations for assessing, prioritizing, protecting, and restoring assets and services in the following sectors: water, energy, banking and finance, healthcare and public health, etc.? A. Private-Sector Relations

Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

Financial and Resource Management

Domestic Support and Outreach

TRUE or FALSE: Federal agencies participating in the National Response Framework may request and provide Federal-to-Federal support by executing inter-/intra-agency reimbursable agreements, in accordance with applicable authorities even if there is no presidential declaration under the Stafford Act. A. True


Within a support annex, what is the correct title of the entity that provides the leadership, expertise, and authorities to implement critical and specific aspects of the response? A. Lead Agency

Primary Agency

Coordinating Agency

Command Agency

The National Response Framework (NRF) Support Annexes: A. List the resources needed by a specific Emergency Support Function (ESF) to respond under the NRF.

Are applicable only if the President declares a major disaster under the Robert T. Stafford Act.

Provide a concept of operations for response and recovery activities related to a particular type of incident (e.g., hurricane, cyber attack, etc.).

Describe how response partners coordinate and execute procedural and administrative functions.

TRUE or FALSE: As Cooperating Agencies under the Volunteer and Donations Management Support Annex, both the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services help ensure the wholesomeness and safety of donated food. A. True


What is the name of the document that the Federal Emergency Management Agency uses as a work order to direct completion by a Federal agency of a specified task pursuant to a Stafford Act declaration? A. Purchase Order

Work Plan


Mission Assignment