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FEMA IS-841.A: NEMIS HMGP System: Overview and Startup Answers

Which Recipient mitigation plan information is entered on the Disaster Overview, Recipient Information tab? A. Disaster Declaration Date

Federal Public Notice Date

Plan Type and Approval Type

Plan Due Date

Which of these documents are needed to enter disaster information in NEMIS HMGP: A. All of the above

Submitted SF-424s

A copy of the Public Notice

A copy of the recipient’s declaration request

Who should be contacted if users cannot find the latest version of the NEMIS HMGP User Manual? A. the Preliminary Damage Assessment POC

The Emergency Support POC

The Mitigation POC

The Declaration POC

Terminology changes in the Super Circular updates (Title 2, CFR, Part 200) include: A. Petitioner instead of Grantee

Appellant instead of Claimant

Subapplicant instead of Grantee

Recipient instead of Grantee

The mitigation module of NEMIS is called: A. NEMIS Grants

Mitigation Emergency Support



When is the Federal Share limit automatically waived for insular areas such as Guam or the USVI? A. When the disaster POP is longer than six months.

At the SHMO’s discretion.

When the entire federal award is less than $200,000.

When the entire federal award is less than $500,000.

What system replaced the Network Access Control System (NACS)? A. None. NACS is still active

Disaster Management Access Control (D-MAC)

Joint Federal Enterprise Network (JFEN)

FEMA Enterprise Identity Management System (FEIMS)

To make sure you have the latest copy of the User Manual, you should search the FEMA website using the following search term: A. HMA User Manual

NEMIS HMGP User Manual


HMGP Lifecycle

To get the latest financial data to populate the Financial Details tab, ask the appropriate regional personnel or check the following report or reports: A. Disaster Financial Status Report (DFSR), and PA-S5

Smartlink drawdown report and Recipient Cost Information Sheet

Recipient Cost Information Sheet

GAO Financial Management Report

For all disasters declared on or after November 1, 2004, who is required to have an approved multihazard mitigation plan? A. Mitigation analysts

State approving officials

Both recipients and subrecipients

Only subrecipients

To commit the estimated and obligated funds, which button must be selected in NEMIS? A. DFSR Commit

Funding Allocation

Commit Recalcs

Allocation Advisory

Which subrecipient mitigation plan information is entered through the Application Development, Applicant Information tab? A. Project Approval Type

Federal Public Notice Date

Plan Approval Date

 D. Application Expiration Date