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FEMA IS-843.A: NEMIS HMGP System: Project Eligibility Determination Answers

Which documentation review step examines the potential impacts that the proposed action will have on the human and natural environment? A. The Environmental Officer Review

The Eligibility Review

The NEPA Documentation Review

The Environmental Laws/EOs Review

NEMIS supports emergency management at a disaster site by integrating mitigation and planning operations with: A. Predisaster mitigation grants

Emergency response operations

FEMA programs and disaster assistance

Floodplain management grants

Terminology changes in the Super Circular updates (Title 2, CFR, Part 200) include: A. Recipient instead of Grantee

Petitioner instead of Grantee

Subapplicant instead of Grantee

Appellant instead of Claimant

Which Group ID must users be logged in with to execute the Application Completeness Review? A. HMO




Where can users view the project’s application status? A. The Environmental Review section

The Packet Workflow section

The Amendment Info section

The Cost Review section

What is the Super Circular (2 CFR Part 200)? A. It provides eight separate sets of guidance for award management.

It describes the procedures states should follow when appealing federal awards decisions.

It sets standard requirements for federal award management.

It provides flexibility to agencies to follow their own award management procedures.

Users logged in with the MA Group ID can send the project application back for: A. Applicant Information Review

Laws/EOs Review

Cost Review

Preliminary Damage Assessment Review

Which square color represents workflow tasks that are ready for your current Group ID to execute? A. Yellow squares

Squares with crisscrossed lines

Green, solid squares

Blue, solid squares

Which functionality allows NEMIS HMGP users to track tasks? A. Add comments

Generate work packets

Attach documents

Edit text

At any point during the Eligibility Determination process, the project application can be withdrawn or voided. A. TRUE


Where can users search for the latest version of the HMA Unified Guidance? A. In the NEMIS HMGP Help Menu

On their local library’s website

In their favorite search engine

On the super circular website

For disasters with a declaration on or after October 30, 2012, which tab must be completed prior to final project approval? A. The Environmental Review tab

The Amendment Info tab

The Application Detail tab

The Cost Review tab

Eligibility Determinations are performed by: A. the subrecipient.

FEMA mitigation staff.

the recipient.

state mitigation staff.

Who are the primary users of the NEMIS HMGP system? A. eGrants staff

Preparedness staff

Mitigation staff

Response staff

Which module of NEMIS is the HMGP system? A. Mitigation

Preliminary Damage Assessment


Emergency Support

Who should be contacted if users cannot find the latest version of the NEMIS HMGP User Manual? A. The Declaration POC

the Preliminary Damage Assessment POC

The Mitigation POC

The Emergency Support POC

The HMGP module provides a way for users to administer Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) grants. A. TRUE


The National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS) is a database system used to track disaster data for FEMA and recipient emergency management offices. A. TRUE


After projects are submitted for Federal eligibility, any changes made to the project are verified in order to: A. track subrecipients.

delegate authority.

track recipients.

pass validation.

When is the Laws/EOs Review process considered complete? A. When more than half of the Laws/EOs on the list has a status of “Completed” or “Not Applicable”

When the user has completed adding any additional Laws/EOs to the list

When each Law/EO on the list has a status of “Completed” or “Not Applicable”

When all Laws/EOs with “Not Applicable” status are deleted from the list

Work packets follow the workflow sequence of the HMGP Eligibility Determination process. The flow of the work packets can be: A. forward only.

in a single-point sequence.


reverse only.

When a work packet task is completed, which are the next steps the system takes? A. The work packet status changes to DELETED and the work packet is deleted.

The work packet status changes to CONTINUE and the work packet is moved forward.

The work packet status changes to COMPLETE and the work packet for the next task is created.

The work packet status changes to NEXT TASK and the work packet for the previous task is deleted.

When executing the project approval decision concurrence, the Hazard Mitigation Officer (HMO) can recommend to: A. Approve, Deny, or Withdraw

Approve or Deny only

Approve, Deny, or Rework

Approve, Void, or Withdraw

How often is the NEMIS HMGP User Manual updated? A. Annually




To make sure you have the latest copy of the User Manual, you should search the FEMA website using the following search term: A. HMGP Lifecycle

HMA User Manual


NEMIS HMGP User Manual