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FEMA IS-845.A: NEMIS HMGP System: Oversight and Closeout Answers

Which reports must be prepared with the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)? A. Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans

Ad-hoc and cross-disaster reports

Funding estimates and allocation requests

Environmental reports

Which reports can be generated from the Mitigation screen by selecting the Admin tab? A. Cross-disaster reports

Benefit-Cost Reports

Funding estimates

Environmental reports

Once the DISASTER CLOSEOUT button is selected, the program can never be reopened. A. TRUE


Which sequence of steps shows how to attach and link field surveys to a project? A. Link the survey to the project, review the information, and create the title.

Create the title, link the survey to the project, and review the information.

Create the title, review the information, and link the survey to the project.

Review the information, create the title, and link the survey to the project.

The HMGP module provides a way for users to administer Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) grants. A. TRUE


Where can users search for the latest version of the HMA Unified Guidance? A. On their local library’s website

In their favorite search engine

On the super circular website

In the NEMIS HMGP Help Menu

How many disasters can be monitored in one standard HMGP report? A. As many as needed




To make sure you have the latest copy of the User Manual, you should search the FEMA website using the following search term: A. HMA User Manual


NEMIS HMGP User Manual

HMGP Lifecycle

Where can users find an approved template for a quarterly report spreadsheet? A. The NEMIS HMGP User Manual

Their Mitigation POC

The HMA Guidance

The Response and Recovery branch

Who should be contacted if users cannot find the latest version of the NEMIS HMGP User Manual? A. the Preliminary Damage Assessment POC

The Mitigation POC

The Emergency Support POC

The Declaration POC

The National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS) is a database system used to track disaster data for FEMA and recipient emergency management offices. A. TRUE


Global matching is executed if the project has a Federal share other than: A. 90%




Which statement describes one reason why users must determine if a project meets the conditions for closeout? A. Voided projects must be zeroed out before continuing.

Closeout validation errors must be addressed before continuing.

Approved projects must continue directly to disbursal of funds.

All pending amendments must be voided before continuing.

Which tool generates a variety of standard HMGP reports? A. The HMGP Project Tool

The NEMIS-Wide Management Reporting Tool

The Closeout Validation Tool

The MT Report Generator

Who are the primary users of the NEMIS HMGP system? A. Preparedness staff

Mitigation staff

Response staff

eGrants staff

What must be the balance of the Current Project Federal Share before project closeout? A. More than 20%


Less than 15%

Less than 10%

Terminology changes in the Super Circular updates (Title 2, CFR, Part 200) include: A. Petitioner instead of Grantee

Subapplicant instead of Grantee

Appellant instead of Claimant

Recipient instead of Grantee

What is the Super Circular (2 CFR Part 200)? A. It describes the procedures states should follow when appealing federal awards decisions.

It sets standard requirements for federal award management.

It provides flexibility to agencies to follow their own award management procedures.

It provides eight separate sets of guidance for award management.

Which module of NEMIS is the HMGP system? A. Preliminary Damage Assessment


Emergency Support


Which functionality allows NEMIS HMGP users to track tasks? A. Generate work packets

Attach documents

Edit text

Add comments

How does the process for creating a subsequent quarterly report avoid duplicating effort? A. The subsequent report overwrites information in the previous report.

Information from the previous report is replicated in the subsequent report.

The subsequent report can bypass any validation processes.

Only new information fields are included in the subsequent report.

Which statement describes the sequence in which the HMGP disaster must be closed out? A. Project closeout must be initiated after both disaster and program closeout are complete.

Project closeout occurs prior to program closeout, which occurs prior to disaster closeout.

Program closeout occurs prior to project closeout, which occurs prior to disaster closeout.

Disaster closeout must be initiated prior to either project or program closeout.

Which step occurs after FEMA HQ closes the FEMA-State agreement and sends the memorandum to the FEMA Regional Office? A. The Smartlink date is entered in NEMIS HMGP.

The Disaster Closeout Date is entered in NEMIS HMGP.

The GAR sends the closeout request letter.

The PROJECT CLOSEOUT button is clicked in NEMIS HMGP.

In the HMGP Closeout Date (Reconciliation) field, enter the date when FEMA HQ notified the Regional Office that: A. the recipient received the funds.

the program is closed.

the disaster is closed.

the project is closed.

Where can users find the financial information needed to close out a project? A. From the Subrecipient

In the Final Financial Report

In the HMGP Financials tab

In the FEMA/State Agreement

Which user role is generally authorized to execute the task to close out the project? A. Program Head (PH)

Hazard Mitigation Officer (HMO)

MT Analyst (MA)

Environmental Officer (ENVOF)

NEMIS supports emergency management at a disaster site by integrating mitigation and planning operations with: A. Emergency response operations

FEMA programs and disaster assistance

Floodplain management grants

Predisaster mitigation grants

How often is the NEMIS HMGP User Manual updated? A. Infrequently




Which conditions must be met before projects with an “Approved” status can be closed out? A. Project activities have been completed

Project funds have been reconciled

Reporting requirements have been met

A, B, and C

A and B only

 F. B and C only