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FEMA IS-930: Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance (ERHMS) System: Leadership Training Answers

With whom should ERHMS Unit Leaders work with to ensure that the ERHMS system will be incorporated into the Communications Plan? A. Liaison Officer

Incident Commander

Finance/Administration Officer

Public Information Officer

The _______________ should also facilitate the acquisition of injury and illness data from a variety of sources, including safety records, on-site medical facilities, State and local emergency departments and clinics, and Federal medical resources assigned to the event. A. Incident Commander

External Affairs Officer

Finance/Administration Section Chief

Liaison Officer

True or False: Health data should never be offered in an electronic format. A. True


True or False: The ERHMS unit After-Action Report (AAR) should be incorporated into the After-Action Report developed for the response as a whole. A. True


When should rostering and credentialing occur? A. At the end of the incident as part of the wrap-up.

Before deployment, when the responder first joins a response organization.

Once the response has begun, in the first quarter of projected time at the incident.

The ERHMS system is based on a model consisting of ___ phases, plus a Post-Event Tracking Decision. A. 1




Which of these positions is NOT qualified to be the ERHMS Unit Leader on scene? A. Self-deployed volunteer

Safety Officer

Industrial hygienist

Occupational medical provider

All of the following are goals of a pre-deployment health screening EXCEPT: A. Determining immunization status.

Establishing a baseline physical and emotional health status.

Assessing a responder’s education, training, and experience in relation to response duties.

Creating a public database of results that is open to all.

When should leaders distribute an out-processing assessment survey, in order to ensure that it is completed by all responders? A. During demobilization.

One week after deployment has ended.

One month after deployment has ended.

Six months after deployment has ended.

The ERHMS Unit would be set up under the direction of the Incident Commander. The ERHMS Unit Leader would report to the _____________. A. Finance/Administration Officer

External Affairs Officer

Safety Officer

Liaison Officer